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Enhance Your Event with Online Event Registration

21 Jul

Organizing events have become an integral part of the present-day corporate culture. Hence, when corporate houses decide to host an event, conference or a training program, they usually employ professional event planners to plan and organize it for them. These event organizing companies manage all –from planning to execution, to make the event successful in terms of attendee satisfaction and ROI. For corporate events, Cloud-based event management solutions with online registration and payment services are among the best choices to minimize the challenges that are involved in scheduling, inviting guests, and arranging the whole program. Currently, with the advent of a few new technologies, such as Cloud computing, event planners have made the process of registration and event management a breeze.

Manual Registration versus Online Registration


Even a few years back, manual registration was the most common form in use while registering attendees for different programs. However, there were different problems involved while manually registering the attendees. One of the major problems in such cases was the monotony involved for the personnel managing the registration process. However, with the advent of the online event registration software, this monotony has decreased. Besides, the software has been able to streamline the registration process.

The online registration software has also been able to minimize the total time needed for registering an interested user or a potential participant for the event. While it was possible for only a single potential attendee to register for an event while using the manual registration process, the advent of the online registration software has made it possible for multiple users to register simultaneously. Besides, it has helped to reduce the time of signing up for a program and avoid the pain of filling up forms manually. Moreover, unlike the manual procedure, the online process also ensures an error-free registration.

Feel the Power of Cloud Computing — Register Any Time and from Anywhere


The advent of new Cloud-based software has been able to make the registration procedure easier. The process can be availed 24 X 7 and from anywhere one wants. This also helps to increase the number of interested attendees.

Customize the Registration Process to Fulfill Your Needs

While setting up a page for online event registration, it is possible to create a page that is going to be designed as per the need of the event organizer. The page can contain a questionnaire, which the interested registrants should fill up. Including customized questions in the questionnaire can help to get the necessary information from the registrants.

Accelerate Ticket Sale with Online Event Registration

Online registration helps to accelerate the ticket sale for an event. Different prices are fixed for the tickets of different categories and links are provided on the web page of the company to book the tickets. As this reduces the effort of booking the tickets, it shoots up the rate of ticket sale. Besides, the online registration software helps to keep a count of the tickets sold.

An event organizer can avail online event registration services to make the most of the organized event. This process, powered by Cloud computing, helps to ensure maximum attendance.


How Summer Camps Can Help Boost Your Kids’ Spirits

23 May


summer camp online event registration

summer camp online event registration

Summer camps include a bundle of activities like field trips, swimming lessons, special camps and visit to amusement parks. They can be sheer fun ideas to keep your child busy during the holidays. Although they sound a breeze a lot of planning, flexibility in work schedules, transportation and affordability is required in planning the summer fun.

Many of the day care centers have a lot of these activities on their schedule and with more and more enthused kids signing up for the program, it works.  They have weekly sessions of splash days, water parks, swimming, field trips and so on. There are also concerts and offerings in art and music and other sports and outings. There are a lot many activities that shout ‘summer fun’. Transportation to and from these places are inclusive of the summer camp charges. The kids have a roaring time with friends and with a lot of activities to keep them at bay ‘summer is the time for fun’ actually.

You can check out the many communities in your location that have taken the advantage of all parks and recreation centers in the area to plan the summer camps. There are child care camps arranged by schools as a part of the community service. The centers offer the week to week option that allows the flexibility of planning and allows summer fun too. There is no space for delay in registration as seats are filled up on first-come-first-serve basis.

Students who are at home from college are hungry for summer jobs. There are such summer camps available for teens and college goers too.

A school or a summer camp community giving away online event registration options works the best. There is no hassle of queuing up for the forms and online payment processing is a safe and secure option these days.

You can set up the online o event registration page that can be optimized too.

You can have multiple field options in the forms. Click here to learn more about easy online event registration for summer camps.

Group registrations can be enabled.

The registrant data can be managed and the pages are available 24/7.

Attendee reports, sales reports, registration reports can be received at no additional cost.

The PCI compliant payment system enables the processing of major credit cards, and also payments via PayPal, Payflow Pro, Authorize.Net, PayPal Express and CyberSource gateways.

There is also the online ticketing system with marketing and productivity tools to boost the sale of tickets.

Click here to learn more about easy online event registration for summer camps.

Breast Cancer Fundraiser: How online registration can help in planning

23 May
Breast Cancer Online Fundraising Event

Breast Cancer Online Fundraising Event

A breast cancer fundraiser is an excellent endeavor to lend support to a friend or a relative affected with the disease. Planning fundraisers is not an easy job but with the right zeal to work towards the goal and the right online support you can reach success in no time. Honoring your loved ones with a special fundraising drive boosts their spirits when in pain. .

As a token of support, few companies offer Non Profits their products for sale. Under such circumstances, you can opt for a cookie or a bake sale. You can also sell something like car washes or things of daily use. Selling objects of art and craft works well for such fundraisers. You could involve the children in the locality to make a greetings card or craft object. That could go into the fundraiser sale too. Selling old books for bookworms or old CDs for music lovers allows you to earn a good amount of money to cheer the cancer patients. If one has the resources to organize a one day golf tournament for fundraising, this can also bring in a lot of revenue .

Other options include spaghetti dinners in the locality. You can arrange for table spaces to be purchased by the attendees. The money collected as rent can be donated for the cancer-stricken patients.

Such fundraising programs become a lot easier when people take help of online event registration program softwares.

You can have a page on the event that can be customized according to the needs of your program.

You can use social media networking options for spreading the buzz around for the event.

The online payment processing is safe and secure for all payment methods that are supported.

The online event registration is simple and the attendee data acts as a major back up for the future events you may hold.

Event reporting is done regularly so that the donors and attendees are updated about the daily happenings of the event.

The marketing tools like the e-mail programs and the surveys help to promote and brand your event perfectly.

With such features included, the online event registration program paves a way to achieve success while raising funds for breast cancer patients.

Online Event Registration For A Wine Tasting Fundraising Affair

20 May

Wine tasting is one of the most popular social events which also help in raising funds for nonprofit organizations and many more. A wine tasting fundraiser should be planned strategically wherein you need to be judicious in planning the details of such elaborate affairs. With online event registration software, the organization work becomes wonderfully meticulous. So, if you have a well-laid strategic fundraising plan, you can achieve success effortlessly. Online event management for wine tasting can also be a good platform for a corporate team building event.

To host a successful wine tasting affair one needs to have proper planning in place. And that’s exactly where you need to take the help of online event management software. The event management softwares offer services which allow you to beat the competition while boosting the image of the organization hosting the event. The online event registration software helps to manage, promote and sell your events so that you are always up and going with the current trend of things. They give out customized offerings and help you to maximize the sale of tickets for the event, thus saving a lot on your time and money. The online event registration programs not only offer the services of the software tools but it also helps you maintain the attendee report.

wine tasting event

A wine tasting event

There are some things which you need to keep in mind if you are holding a wine tasting event.

  • You can either hire a group to plan the event or you may assign the task to individuals.
  • You can do research on local wineries to decide on the samples of wines to be presented at the event.
  • You can do research on the venues and also on the date and time.
  • You can also include some wine tours and brief the attendees on the heritage and culture of the location.
  • An educative workshop on the aromas of wine can be an interesting addition.
  • Think of some opera music or symphonies to jazz up the show a bit. An enjoyable play or drama would be the right accompaniment for a wine tasting affair.
  • Wine tasting events with toasts and dinners are a great show.
  • You can promote the event by putting on a press release or posting event information online. always endeavors to make your wine tasting affairs a success. It helps automate some of your work while you work to make your event a success. You can create a custom registration events page in minutes. This particularly helps in group registrations. Acteva helps in managing the registrant data in addition to making the online payment system full proof.

Thus online event registration program would serve your purpose to a T if you want a fast and easy online event registration, attendee management and secure payment service that is perfectly safe and hassle-free.

The Knighton Macmillan cancer support committee event for helping the cancer affected

20 May

event management

The Knighton Macmillan Cancer Support Committee, in Wales has been working towards event planning for the last 40 years. They have so far raised thousands of pounds for those affected by cancer in and around their location. It started as the Young Wives’ Group in Wales in 1971. Three of its initial members Jean Price, Kean Kelby and Gladys Vogel have been associated with the group ever since it began its journey. The Anniversary Celebrations will be starting from May 24, 2011 when the Annual Macmillan Walk would be organized. Sponsorship forms are available. On June 11, special cream tea would be served to the attendees 3 pm onwards, according to sources.

A business marketing tool could help spread the word about an event like wildfire. So the next time you are planning an event you can take the help of the event marketing tools that help in reporting, maintaining your attendee data, sending out e-mail notifications, receiving payments, ticketing, calendaring the events and a host of other event management tools that slash your work load down by a considerable amount. Learn more about event management tools here.









Customer Feedback, why is it so important?

20 May
customer feedback

Why customer feedback is so important

Customer Feedback, why is it so important? It is essential, in business, that there is transparency between the customer and the brand management team. We must learn about improving the customer feedback program and learn more on how well that works for a business. It is important for the marketing department to use a proper customer service program to drive customized marketing campaigns. This helps in making strong relationship between the customers and the brand. You must bear it in mind that these programs are not only for making the customer happy but also for delivering value-added services to the customer.

A feedback program works well in addressing issues faced by the customers. Such direct interaction with the customers helps in raising the interest level while building brand value. Relevant and constant communication also brings them on to a platform where you can share important and customized promotions. The customer experiences shared in this platform can be included into your business. Another important aspect of customer feedback is time. If a customer has a bad experience earlier on, there is no point in getting back after three months. The problem cited by the customer must be adhered to immediately by the team managing the customer complaint department. This paves the way to improved customer loyalty while enhancing customer retention. Apart from customer feedback, customer surveys are an important information tool which helps in maintaining customer interest.

Customer surveys which are customized and deal into the recent activities lead to higher response rates. It actually requires a good real time understanding of the attitudes and customer interaction with the business processes that makes you enjoy good customer rapport. So don’t go by your silos and start sharing information about the business online with the right approach and the right tools. You can use Acteva’s email marketing tools to perk up your customer feedback and response in a short span of time. Updated mailing lists are built and these help in mass email campaigns and effective communications, useful in raising overall ROI. A  good member management system works wonders.

Acteva helps you with comprehensive and integrated solutions in event registration and member management and in achieving proper customer feedback through proper marketing tools.

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18 May

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