Enhance Your Event with Online Event Registration

21 Jul

Organizing events have become an integral part of the present-day corporate culture. Hence, when corporate houses decide to host an event, conference or a training program, they usually employ professional event planners to plan and organize it for them. These event organizing companies manage all –from planning to execution, to make the event successful in terms of attendee satisfaction and ROI. For corporate events, Cloud-based event management solutions with online registration and payment services are among the best choices to minimize the challenges that are involved in scheduling, inviting guests, and arranging the whole program. Currently, with the advent of a few new technologies, such as Cloud computing, event planners have made the process of registration and event management a breeze.

Manual Registration versus Online Registration


Even a few years back, manual registration was the most common form in use while registering attendees for different programs. However, there were different problems involved while manually registering the attendees. One of the major problems in such cases was the monotony involved for the personnel managing the registration process. However, with the advent of the online event registration software, this monotony has decreased. Besides, the software has been able to streamline the registration process.

The online registration software has also been able to minimize the total time needed for registering an interested user or a potential participant for the event. While it was possible for only a single potential attendee to register for an event while using the manual registration process, the advent of the online registration software has made it possible for multiple users to register simultaneously. Besides, it has helped to reduce the time of signing up for a program and avoid the pain of filling up forms manually. Moreover, unlike the manual procedure, the online process also ensures an error-free registration.

Feel the Power of Cloud Computing — Register Any Time and from Anywhere


The advent of new Cloud-based software has been able to make the registration procedure easier. The process can be availed 24 X 7 and from anywhere one wants. This also helps to increase the number of interested attendees.

Customize the Registration Process to Fulfill Your Needs

While setting up a page for online event registration, it is possible to create a page that is going to be designed as per the need of the event organizer. The page can contain a questionnaire, which the interested registrants should fill up. Including customized questions in the questionnaire can help to get the necessary information from the registrants.

Accelerate Ticket Sale with Online Event Registration

Online registration helps to accelerate the ticket sale for an event. Different prices are fixed for the tickets of different categories and links are provided on the web page of the company to book the tickets. As this reduces the effort of booking the tickets, it shoots up the rate of ticket sale. Besides, the online registration software helps to keep a count of the tickets sold.

An event organizer can avail online event registration services to make the most of the organized event. This process, powered by Cloud computing, helps to ensure maximum attendance.


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