How you can increase email subscriptions for a greater ROI

28 Jun

    online event registration, email management program, online event management

Do you know the easiest way to grow your business online? Well, the easiest way is to get quality leads to sign up for your products and events for your business or Non Profit. But the question remains, how you would get people to sign up for the business or events. Gaining access to your customers’ inboxes is one of the fastest ways to building strong email client lists.  One of the foremost things which should be kept in mind regarding email sign ups on the website page is that it only helps if the company has a photograph to the sign up page or on the email newsletter that is sent out. This makes the email letter authentic and noticeable.

You have to provide your readers with some compelling reason to sign up for the email list. You can offer a free report, a free eBook download as an incentive for signing up.  There is usually an increase of 50 percent when this is done for the clients.

The email list is one of the important marketing assets for any business. So the placement of the email sign up form on your website is also very important. It should be distinctly placed on the website or newsletter and not buried into some footer or header where it is does not catch the attention of the readers.  You can use a popover that people instantly notice while browsing the site.  This can help in increasing the number of sign ups.  The importance of the first impression cannot be routed out. When people sign up they should be sent an email introducing them to your newsletter or to your main business or events. Great email content is very helpful in boosting your brand image and makes the reader look forward to your future emails. You would not want someone to subscribe and then unsubscribe on a second thought. Have the capacity to ‘wow’ people with the first email that you send them. You would know that the sign up forms are working if your sign up number has gone up or if you have suddenly got an up stick in the traffic. You can also work out a split test email marketing by sending out two types of emails to two sets of customers and see which one ultimately works. You can find out online tutorials to groom you through the process. You could try out one of those online event registration programs where the email marketing tools come free with the programs.

The online event registration service has marketing tools like email marketing programs that help to get you leads. You also have a wonderful administrative support at the backend that works well and helps keep a record of all the lead that is generated through the program. So the online event registration management is a positive and fast way to enhance your leads in business.


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