Customer Interaction on Social Media Platforms and how that can affect business

15 Jun

social media marketing

According to a study by ROI Research and Performics in April 2011, consumers do not express and publicize experiences. They generally express satisfaction on the social networks rather than expressing their disappointment. Online customers around 60 percent of them use the networking sites to express their satisfaction about a retailer, a brand or a purchase. According to the study, the restaurants and telecommunications sector gets the most number of disappointing comments from the consumers.

Social media helps an online marketer to learn more about their consumers from their views and comments shared on the site. Customer feedback is imperative and marketers often pick up information about the online customers who post relevant content about a service, a product or company.  It is important to use this information to practical use. When consumers collect printed coupons from the social networks, they show special interest in the matter. Study reveals that 56 percent of consumers are interested in receiving coupons from educational brands while some are also interested in receiving coupons from sports brands. Consumers also show interest in food, auto and electronics coupons.

The companies that offer online event registration solutions have marketing tools associated with them that help to connect to the social media platforms. For online events customer interaction in social media sites can help spread the buzz about recent changes in the schedule of the events. You can publicize your event with the help of marketing tools like email programs or social media connectors. A social media connector is a wonderful tool for all event planners, organizers or marketing professionals, who can share and promote their events by generating customer interaction and involving the consumers in online debates and promotional feedback sessions.


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