Enhance Your Event with Online Event Registration

21 Jul

Organizing events have become an integral part of the present-day corporate culture. Hence, when corporate houses decide to host an event, conference or a training program, they usually employ professional event planners to plan and organize it for them. These event organizing companies manage all –from planning to execution, to make the event successful in terms of attendee satisfaction and ROI. For corporate events, Cloud-based event management solutions with online registration and payment services are among the best choices to minimize the challenges that are involved in scheduling, inviting guests, and arranging the whole program. Currently, with the advent of a few new technologies, such as Cloud computing, event planners have made the process of registration and event management a breeze.

Manual Registration versus Online Registration


Even a few years back, manual registration was the most common form in use while registering attendees for different programs. However, there were different problems involved while manually registering the attendees. One of the major problems in such cases was the monotony involved for the personnel managing the registration process. However, with the advent of the online event registration software, this monotony has decreased. Besides, the software has been able to streamline the registration process.

The online registration software has also been able to minimize the total time needed for registering an interested user or a potential participant for the event. While it was possible for only a single potential attendee to register for an event while using the manual registration process, the advent of the online registration software has made it possible for multiple users to register simultaneously. Besides, it has helped to reduce the time of signing up for a program and avoid the pain of filling up forms manually. Moreover, unlike the manual procedure, the online process also ensures an error-free registration.

Feel the Power of Cloud Computing — Register Any Time and from Anywhere


The advent of new Cloud-based software has been able to make the registration procedure easier. The process can be availed 24 X 7 and from anywhere one wants. This also helps to increase the number of interested attendees.

Customize the Registration Process to Fulfill Your Needs

While setting up a page for online event registration, it is possible to create a page that is going to be designed as per the need of the event organizer. The page can contain a questionnaire, which the interested registrants should fill up. Including customized questions in the questionnaire can help to get the necessary information from the registrants.

Accelerate Ticket Sale with Online Event Registration

Online registration helps to accelerate the ticket sale for an event. Different prices are fixed for the tickets of different categories and links are provided on the web page of the company to book the tickets. As this reduces the effort of booking the tickets, it shoots up the rate of ticket sale. Besides, the online registration software helps to keep a count of the tickets sold.

An event organizer can avail online event registration services to make the most of the organized event. This process, powered by Cloud computing, helps to ensure maximum attendance.


How to Organize a Seminar or an Event

4 Jul

online event registration


Seminars and events have always been implemented as a holistic experience to participants. Thus, organizing an event requires extensive planning and preparation with most work implemented at least a few months before the actual event. Most of the time, seminars seem to run like clockwork with all events flowing smoothly according to schedule. In reality however, much groundwork has been worked on with the purpose of developing the right atmosphere in addition to a beneficial experience to partipants.

1. Establishing the theme of the event
Each event follows a theme and purpose which will drive the event set-up, the target audiences or the participants, the guests and the marketing approach. In general, a business event such as an international conference for a particular industry will appeal to participants conducting businesses within that industry as well as sponsors who gain mileage out of publicizing their products during the event.

Apart from that, the theme of the seminar will also determine the type of marketing channels to be used to for publicity. This also holds true for the seminar marketing team who will need the event theme to correctly identify target participants and companies to sell the event to.

2. Selecting a venue
Venue selection is highly dependent on the scale of the event. Usually this is determined by the number of participants, the presence of any guests of honor (such as royalty or politicians) the activities during the event, or if there are additional floor space required for exhibition purposes.

A typical seminar of about 100 - 200 can be comfortably implemented in a hotel seminar room, possibly in a theater style setting or classroom setting. However, larger scale events with participant numbers scaling be!
 tween 500 - 1000 may require a large hall, ballroom, auditorium or a convention center.

The location and quality standard of the venue is also important especially if the event involves the participation of VIPs. With this, a reputable location would be imperative, including good quality and wide range of seminar facilities available.  It is always wise to explore the possibility of a few venues and examine their location suitability, level of services, ambience, and costs before coming to a decision.

3. Seminar Marketing and Publicity
Seminar marketing is by far the most critical and often most challenging task in event organizing, and is often regarded as the most critical factor of an event's success. This is because the number of participants turning up for a seminar is highly dependent on the strength of marketing activities and publicity. Whether or not the event achieves its objective or whether the organizers will walk home with a profit or loss largely depends on the marketability of the event. This means that the right marketing strategy and seminar positioning must be adopted in order to draw adequate event sign-ups.

Most of the time, event organizers who have large budgets will turn to above the line marketing such as newspaper and magazine advertisements as well as radio and television advertising to publicize the event. Press releases may also be sent in to major newspapers, in order to create the awareness of the upcoming event. Additionally, large advertising media banners and posters can also be purchased to advertise the event in high human traffic areas. When using print advertising, the specific magazine or newspaper used must have the target audience of your event as their primary readership base. Also all print media should be copy written with an enticing approach, highlighting the extensive benefits of participation.

However, if budget is a problem, then below the line marketing may also do wonders. If the event is industry specific, mass faxing to companies belonging to the industry would be feasible. Telemarketing is a very effective marketing channel to create awareness within the right participant group. Additionally, dispatching sales personnel to attend to the requirements of large participant groups is an ideal and effective strategy. Mass emailing has become one of the most cost-efficient methods to reach out to large target audiences. This would be really useful if the event organizer already have an existing database. Otherwise, a list of names can be rented from database companies to attain the same results.

4. Collaboration with sponsors
Getting reputable sponsors to participate in an event will help boost the creditability of the event, as well as reduce costs. Sponsors can also help with marketing, as they also help publicize your event to their customers. Apart from that, some of the sponsors can chip in on venue rental in exchange for exhibition space  or publicity for themselves. Some sponsors also require a short message of their company to be given to the participants during the event. Others give away sample products or door gifts to participants.

5. Managing People and working with speakers
A seminar will not be successful without the people running it, as well as the speakers sharing their knowledge to the participants. Invite speakers who are of caliber and reputation to the event, and who will provide the participants with relevant information to their work, industry or business. Prepare the speakers beforehand and work with them on their Power point presentations as well as pre-inform them of the logistics processes, timing as well as the expected audience size. Check with them on any special requests, such as the requirement for an overhead projector or additional microphones to be used for question and answer sessions.

All events require a good team of people handling tasks on ushering, registration, customer service as well as handling financials. Familiarize the team with any required event protocol to eliminate the possibility of confusion or error. In order to ensure smooth implementation, each person should be familiar with their individual roles. This can be ensured through a preparation of a detailed schedule of events coupled with roles and responsibilities for each person. Ideally, a project manager should control the whole team and ensure that everyone is carrying out their duties efficiently. Apart from that, the project manager also has the delegated authority to deal with all parties such as the venue management as well as the sponsors and event exhibitors.

6. Actual Day - Preparation, Registration, Ushering, Feedback
All seminar planning and preparations, constituting 80% of total work involved, cascade to the actual event which may last only for a few hours or a few days. On the day before the event, visit the venue to ensure that everything is in order according the requirements and specifications. Microphones, projectors, audio and video systems must be all checked to be in excellent working order. Over at the office, have a packing list prepared and get all require items transferred to the actual venue at least a day before the event. Event staff should be dispatched to work on site preparations, including setting up booths, decorations and posters, the day before the event.

On the actual day, staff should be present at the venue at least 1 1/2 hours before commencement. They should report to their duty stations and must be ready to receive participants half an hour before they are scheduled to file in. Registrations must be made at the door to ensure authorized access. Name tags, door gifts and event schedules or booklets will be given out at this point and ushers will show participants to their seats in the event hall.

Staff will also be responsible for providing advice or help to participants during the event. Finally, feedback forms should be distributed and then collected from participants to determine the satisfaction level on all aspects of the event experience. This is in order to receive pointers, ideas and advice for future improvements.

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Tips on how web marketing can help sell your products or events online

29 Jun

online event registration

There are some factors that you need to check up while planning online marketing for your products. The factors include salability, credibility, usability and visibility.

To create an impression on your readers, your website homepage should be specific and creatively inspiring. You must take up a resolution to make the Homepage count. You must clearly communicate who you are and whom you are catering to. Highlight the message of the company on the Home Page through a tagline and text.  You must catch the eye of the reader instantly without having them to scroll up or down.  The homepage should also feature a portfolio of your work.    If you are looking to catch attention of your viewers on an upcoming product or event, you can place an advertisement on the top right section which is an eye catching section.

The Home Page health is very important and so a regular check up is required. Be sure about the navigation on your website.  You can ask the opinion of people, preferably those among your customers but one who can provide you with an unbiased opinion.

Be interesting in your placement of content, ideas and images. Have the oomph factor enhanced because it is the extra edge to your website that actually counts in garnering sticky eyeballs. A picture says a thousand words and helps express your ideas thoroughly, therefore choose images carefully.  If you are using one of those online event registration programs, you can use the email marketing tools and have the email letters customized according to the look and feel of your website.


Search engines have their own criteria of adding the site to their favorite lists and ranking them.  They look into how people search for services or products or information. You can opt for phrases which are most appropriate for developing the business. You need to look into the title and headlines, the Meta Tags, the Keyword links and also the local listing.


One of the best ways you can increase the salability, visibility and credibility of the business is by joining social media platforms. You can voice your opinion about anything on the social media along with advertising your products and events. Social media sites like LinkedIn and others are a wonderful way of sharing and storing relevant content.  So with the online event registration services in place and with the marketing tools that help promote the business or event, you can now set on to improve your ROI.






How you can increase email subscriptions for a greater ROI

28 Jun

    online event registration, email management program, online event management

Do you know the easiest way to grow your business online? Well, the easiest way is to get quality leads to sign up for your products and events for your business or Non Profit. But the question remains, how you would get people to sign up for the business or events. Gaining access to your customers’ inboxes is one of the fastest ways to building strong email client lists.  One of the foremost things which should be kept in mind regarding email sign ups on the website page is that it only helps if the company has a photograph to the sign up page or on the email newsletter that is sent out. This makes the email letter authentic and noticeable.

You have to provide your readers with some compelling reason to sign up for the email list. You can offer a free report, a free eBook download as an incentive for signing up.  There is usually an increase of 50 percent when this is done for the clients.

The email list is one of the important marketing assets for any business. So the placement of the email sign up form on your website is also very important. It should be distinctly placed on the website or newsletter and not buried into some footer or header where it is does not catch the attention of the readers.  You can use a popover that people instantly notice while browsing the site.  This can help in increasing the number of sign ups.  The importance of the first impression cannot be routed out. When people sign up they should be sent an email introducing them to your newsletter or to your main business or events. Great email content is very helpful in boosting your brand image and makes the reader look forward to your future emails. You would not want someone to subscribe and then unsubscribe on a second thought. Have the capacity to ‘wow’ people with the first email that you send them. You would know that the sign up forms are working if your sign up number has gone up or if you have suddenly got an up stick in the traffic. You can also work out a split test email marketing by sending out two types of emails to two sets of customers and see which one ultimately works. You can find out online tutorials to groom you through the process. You could try out one of those online event registration programs where the email marketing tools come free with the programs.

The online event registration service has marketing tools like email marketing programs that help to get you leads. You also have a wonderful administrative support at the backend that works well and helps keep a record of all the lead that is generated through the program. So the online event registration management is a positive and fast way to enhance your leads in business.

Presentations and how you can make the most of them while planning an event

28 Jun

online event registration, online event management

A winning presentation can help you satisfactorily deliver your message to the audience at a corporate event. Many of us are paranoid about facilitating and suffer from anxiety questioning the modes of delivering modes of the presentations in order to convey the right company message. There are two important things to be considered while making the presentation. One is the speaker’s objective for the presentation which is as important as the second point, that is the payoff of the audience for listening. Here are the major points that should be considered while preparing a successful and winning presentation.

The audience

Every presentation needs some sort of a research for attaining success. Presenting a product to your customers is very different from making presentations to colleagues or peers. The most successful presenters are those who understand the audience.

Deliver the unexpected

While planning a presentation, you have to keep in mind, how you need to engage the audience. You have to decide which medium works the best to illustrate your concept and to deliver the message. Some people would tell a simple story with some brief notes to it while some opt for simple visuals and use their oratory powers to reach out to people. Simple yet precise visuals and fewer words are good rules for facilitating event presentations.

The background story

Story is one of the best tools that you can use to start off your presentation. It could be a case study or some interesting corporate fact that can be presented interestingly. Good storytellers turn out to be the best presenters because they are the people who can build the story and deliver the payoff.

Audience-specific presentation

You have to cater to the specific audience. You could be making a presentation for the corporate bosses to determine the HR strategies or preparing to launch a new toothpaste brand for your customers. You have to create presentations catering to specific needs of the audience. You can use online event registration programs that has marketing tools embedded in it to help share your presentation through social media connector tools.

A strong ending

A strong close to a presentation is one of the most important aspects. The closing and opening of a presentation should be appealing to the audience. You can summarize the entire session at the closing for a fitting end. You can also opt to have a question and answer session at the end of the presentation. This allows you to involve the audience and also gauge your audience’s interest in the presentation.

Online event registration services for your business or enterprise bring in some online marketing tools that help to present your business in a better way to your targeted customers. You can have your business advertised through apt presentations on social media channels and connect to these channels through tools like the  social media connectors. While planning an event a proper presentation is one of the most important marketing tools to keep in mind.

Customer Interaction on Social Media Platforms and how that can affect business

15 Jun

social media marketing

According to a study by ROI Research and Performics in April 2011, consumers do not express and publicize experiences. They generally express satisfaction on the social networks rather than expressing their disappointment. Online customers around 60 percent of them use the networking sites to express their satisfaction about a retailer, a brand or a purchase. According to the study, the restaurants and telecommunications sector gets the most number of disappointing comments from the consumers.

Social media helps an online marketer to learn more about their consumers from their views and comments shared on the site. Customer feedback is imperative and marketers often pick up information about the online customers who post relevant content about a service, a product or company.  It is important to use this information to practical use. When consumers collect printed coupons from the social networks, they show special interest in the matter. Study reveals that 56 percent of consumers are interested in receiving coupons from educational brands while some are also interested in receiving coupons from sports brands. Consumers also show interest in food, auto and electronics coupons.

The companies that offer online event registration solutions have marketing tools associated with them that help to connect to the social media platforms. For online events customer interaction in social media sites can help spread the buzz about recent changes in the schedule of the events. You can publicize your event with the help of marketing tools like email programs or social media connectors. A social media connector is a wonderful tool for all event planners, organizers or marketing professionals, who can share and promote their events by generating customer interaction and involving the consumers in online debates and promotional feedback sessions.

Planning a perfect Basketball Tournament with the help of online event registration programs

13 Jun

basketball event

A high school event or a basketball tournament event supporting your favorite team can be good fun if the organization and planning has been smart and proper. Event planners usually have a checklist for such events and with the savvy technique of online event registration software in hand,  the work associated with planning and preparation of an event should be fast and easy. Checklists should include details such as venue decoration, entertainment and food. With the online event management programs helping you with the nitty gritties of backend management like customer data, reporting, ticketing and payment options, you can go ahead and bang your head about the various other things to set up a perfect basketball event. The administrative backend can be taken care of by the online software.

The online event registration programs also offer simple yet powerful solutions for attendee registration and payments. You can set up unique and customizable page for the participants and attendees. With the customizable marketing tools, you can see the profitability along with the attendance reach greater heights. .

Publish the page and start selling the tickets online in an approximate time of twenty minutes. The attendees can access the page Real Time 24/7. The selling of tickets can be publicized and promoted with the help of savvy e-marketing tools associated with the online event registration programs.

While setting up the basketball party, plan for some games for the attendees to pep up their spirits. Basketball Trivia or other activities involving prizes will generate more interest amongst the viewers. Basketball summer parties can be fun provided you have some shaded area for relaxing after the game. While organizing such outdoor events, you must make sure that the place is loaded with food and drinks.

There sure has been a lot of adrenalin rush after a perfect basketball event and you cannot but feel good about the online event registration software that helped you in setting up the best basketball event ever.